Date Night Ideas

I know. I do. You're here, but you're rolling your eyes.
Ugh, another blog post about cutesy date night ideas that you'll have to drag your husband out to enjoy, if you can even be bothered to try.'re sort of right. I mean, I don't know of any guy who will jump at the chance to spend a themed evening with you. Maybe not even with a promise of sex afterward. But hopefully, at least a few of these ideas will interest him and you.

I know it's hard to come up with fresh ideas when you're trying to do weekly, or even monthly date nights with your husband. There are only so many times you can wait in line at Olive Garden before you want to give up on the whole thing. Mmm...breadsticks.
In my new book, #ShamelessPlug, How to Shag Your Husband, I do a whole section on why it's important to date your spouse. You love each other, and every waking moment can't just be about making money, giving the money to bill collectors and rearing children. The …

Pre-Sale Announcement

I'm so excited to announce that my very first Personal Development book is available for pre-sale. The paperback version is available now if you just can't wait!
I wrote this book as a friend, talking to another friend, about how to reignite passion in your marriage. I'm obviously not a doctor, a therapist or a licensed coach. But I am opinionated and I am your friend. My greatest wish is that once you read this book, you will be able to follow the steps to improve your sex life with your husband.

Social Media

Hello Rebel Alliance,

So I've been pondering the reach of Social Media in marketing terms. For the most part, I personally tend to tune out the noise when I'm online. I don't pay much attention to ads. However, most author marketing sites will tell you that a social media presence is essential to long term success and audience reach. The problem is, I'm not completely sure how to do that.

I've recently purchased a Facebook ad, and the ranking of that book sunk like a rock in a lake on Amazon. It was as if people returned the book, rather than actually buying it. I did have comments from people confirming that they have purchased books they've seen ads for...apparently just not my book.

You all know that I freakin' adore you all. I want to converse online, I want to get to know you and share some of my life stuff back. I am not just looking to convert you all into paying customers. I legitimately want us to be friends. But I think I suck at trying to find yo…
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Greetings Rebel Alliance,
I am currently attempting to get my ass back on track. I feel sometimes as if that is my plan every quarter and within two weeks I've reverted back to my old, lazy, negative ways. For the life of me I can't figure out why I do this. When I'm on point, I feel so much better. About my job, my life, my relationships, hell even just physically better. 
I've talked before about the wonders that Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod did for me. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Of course, because I can't leave well enough alone, I have bastardized Mr. Elrod's system to create one of my own that works so much better for me. If you remember, Hal's system SAVERS, has you focus on "Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Scribing, Reading, Exercise." These things are wonderful and when I first began my morning routine, I followed these every day. And it worked. I was more productive, I …

10 AM Inspiration

Good morning my little frosted Pop-Tarts,

No? Well, worth a shot. I'll keep working on it.

I've started a new Social Media experiment, and I wanted to share it here as well, because my feedback has been so positive. Every morning, at 10am I post an inspirational quote to my followers. #10AMInspiration (Do you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? You should. I'm pretty funny...and also very modest.)

Everything around us is so negative lately, I wanted to find some images that encourage, women in particular (sorry dudes, this dance is just for the ladies). So much anger and vitriol is being spewed around the internet, the news, the radio, I just wanted to share something uplifting and fun with my followers every day. 

I think it is incredibly important, especially now, to remind ourselves how important we are, that our voices count, that we can make a change. Hell, even to remind ourselves that regardless of what happens out there, our lives are still in our own control…

My Pivot Questionnaire

If you've ever watched Inside The Actors Studio with James Lipton, then you'll know that at the end of every interview, he asks his guests the Pivot Questionnaire. I've always thought I'd love to do this, so today, I did. Please copy and paste into the comments and share your answers with us. This is a really fun exercise and you may even learn something about yourself by taking it.

1.What is your favorite word?  Free 2.What is your least favorite word? No. 3.What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Active participation. 4.What turns you off? Negativity. 5.What is your favorite curse word? Fuck-a-doodle-doo 6.What sound or noise do you love? My son laughing 7.What sound or noise do you hate? Someone snapping their fingers. 8.What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Professional Surfer 9.What profession would you not like to do? Porta-Potty Cleaner
10.If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?…

What?!? I'm nominated?

Hello Rebel Alliance,

I'm chuffed as chips to announce that Pants on Fire is nominated for cover of the month for June over at If you love the cover, love the book or just love me, please stop by and give me a vote!