Saturday, September 22, 2018

Career Updates

Good morning Rebel Alliance!

It's a big month for me, and for you. I've gotten the rights back to ALL of my books, and will be re-releasing them in chunks over the next year.

This is a great thing for all of us. It gives me the opportunity to polish up some old works, since I am a far stronger writer now than I was eight years ago. It allows me to update my covers and have better control over distribution.

My Touch of Gray series is getting punched up, and I will have new books in the series releasing over the next few months as well.

The biggest change, will be to my marketing strategy. I write in several different genres, and I'm fully aware that all of my books are not for all of my readers. So, to help everyone distinguish between my M/M stories and my M/F stories, my name will change slightly on the covers.


My Male/Female books will still read Dakota Rebel, and my Male/Male books will just say REBEL. I'm hoping this change will make it easier for everyone to find exactly what they're looking for in my catalog of books.

I'm excited to move forward with my career and release some new works that I hope everyone will love.

As always, thank you all for your support.

Love and kisses,

Monday, March 26, 2018

Pre-Sale Announcement

I'm so excited to announce that my very first Personal Development book is available for pre-sale. The paperback version is available now if you just can't wait!

I wrote this book as a friend, talking to another friend, about how to reignite passion in your marriage. I'm obviously not a doctor, a therapist or a licensed coach. But I am opinionated and I am your friend. My greatest wish is that once you read this book, you will be able to follow the steps to improve your sex life with your husband.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

What?!? I'm nominated?

Hello Rebel Alliance,

I'm chuffed as chips to announce that Pants on Fire is nominated for cover of the month for June over at If you love the cover, love the book or just love me, please stop by and give me a vote!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Revenge of the Reviews

So a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, no wait, it was this galaxy. Whatever. Two years ago I did a post about the importance of reviews. And today, I'm going to talk about it again.

Authors thrive on reviews. We live for them, and our sales sort of depend on them. If you have a favorite author, nothing would give them more happiness today than for you to stop by Amazon or Goodreads and leave them a review for a book that you loved. No. Really.

Think about this. When you're shopping, for anything really, but specifically books for the sake of this blog, aren't the reviews the first or at least second thing you look at? Unless that author is an insta-buy for you, it's unlikely that you would purchase a book with a one star or no star rating. Very few new authors have a cavalry of reviewers in their corner, lining up to praise them to the world. And with Amazon's new review rules, many of our die hard fans aren't able to leave reviews any more either. If they follow us on Social Media, Amazon assumes that they know us personally and won't allow their review to post. What's an author to do?

Well, I'm doing it again. I'm begging for help. And not just for me, though of course I'd appreciate it. Next time you read a book, by any author, and you love it to pieces, stop by and write just a few lines about it. Give them some stars and let them know you care. Our livelihoods really do depend on it.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The slow death of an industry

Hello Rebel Alliance. Today, I am going to tackle the sticky conversation that people seem to want to avoid, but needs to be addressed.

The death of the traditional publishing industry.

Okay, okay, so it's not dying, per se, but it IS the end of the world as we knew it. For most of us authors, we grew up dreaming of a day when we'd finish a manuscript, find an agent and get a publishing deal...not even knowing where that road would lead. But now, we do know and we do not like it.

Finding an agent is hard. Hell, it can be damn near impossible. Most agents at this point require a referral to even get your manuscript read. So you need an agent to get an agent. What? Yeah. For a new author, this is an insanely daunting task.

Best case scenario, you get an agent. Yay! Congratulations. The agent will take your manuscript and tear it down, then build it back up. Often, the story you have submitted is not the story you receive back. The changes they "suggest" are actually required if you want them to sub your book to publishing houses. You may hate the direction they took your story, but if you want to go this route, you'll suck it up and do as your told.

Best case scenario, step two, a publishing house accepts your manuscript. Hooray! You're going to be a published author...eventually. First, the editor at the publishing house will demand their own changes. Now, your Dystopian Menage Zombie Thriller, is more of a YA Adventure with a watered down romantic subplot. But hey, fame, fortune, book tours...oh, wait.

You are a first time author. In six months to a year, they will do the initial print run of, maybe, a few thousand copies. They will not do any promotion for you. Let me say that again for the authors in the back. THEY WILL NOT DO ANY PROMOTION FOR YOU. It is up to you, buttercup, to promote the hell out of yourself. You must take this new story, that you barely had a hand in writing the final draft of, with a cover you did not choose, and a minuscule print run, and you must pimp the ever-loving-fuck out of it if you want to sell out your first run. Oh, and by the way, your publisher has to approve any promotion you choose to do on your own books behalf. No. I'm not kidding.

For this, you are rewarded with 10-15% of the sales, but you also have to give your agent a cut. Yeah. There is very little fame or fortune for a first time author. Sure, there are exceptions, there always are, but the exceptions are so few and far between, they almost aren't worth mentioning.

Do this, next time you're in a bookstore. Look at how many books are on the shelves. See if you recognize any author names or titles. For about 85% of them, I'll bet you won't. Because no one is talking about them. There is also a reason there are only 1 or 2 of each title on the shelf. The publisher barely printed any, so they have set you up to fail from the get go.

Is it any wonder that authors are fleeing the New York Publishing scene by the droves? The publishers are pushing us away with both hands. No support. No promotion. No say in our own work. What the hell kind of deal is that?

There was a time when being Self-Published was embarrassing. People only self-published if they couldn't get accepted by big houses or agents. But today, Self-Publishing is smart. The author has total control. They get to keep up to 70% of the money earned on their hard work. They get to choose the cover, they get to pick their audience, they get to promote however the hell they want. That is why this is the future of publishing. Because the big guys have told us they don't want us anymore.

I follow many, many A-List authors, the BIG GUNS in the publishing world. And I have seen many of them talking about moving to Self-Publishing. Can you imagine? With direct publishing and Print On Demand, the industry is being turned on it's head. Writers that have always deserved a shot, can pull the trigger themselves.

For me, I am incredibly fortunate to be part of a sub-category of publishing. I have a wonderful Indie Publisher, Resplendence Publishing. They are the best possible middle ground I could have ever imagined. Not only do we have a say in edits, covers, and promotion. But the owners are accessible to us any time we need them. They support us, they encourage us, and they help us.

This is what I am excited for. We authors now have options available to us that twenty years ago we never could have imagined. It's a wonderful time to be a writer.

If you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear from you. Be sure to follow me on social media (links to the left.) I love to talk with you guys and I also really like to give stuff away, so watch for me on the interwebs!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

I have a new book!

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Good morning Rebel Alliance. Today, I have fantastic news. The third book in my Vegas Bound series is available for your reading pleasure.

Todd and Chase had been a school girl’s wet dream when Pansy was in high school. Her brother’s best friends were older, handsome, and strictly off limits as far as everyone else was concerned. When they left Nevada, she was devastated, and struggled to get on with her life without them in it.

All grown up and running an art gallery on the Las Vegas strip, the last people she expects to see wander in are the men she’s fought so hard to forget. As she learns what they have been up to while they were away, she can only hope that they’re back to stay, and that they’ll help her fulfill her darkest, submissive dreams.

And, it's a total bargain at .99! What!?!  I know, right. So if you weren't sure about picking up the other books in the series, no worries. They are the same theme, but the stories themselves are not connected so you don't have to read anything in order.

If you do buy it, and you do like it or love it or just love me, be sure to leave a review on your favorite book sites (Amazon, Goodreads, the Sunday New York Times Book Review Section).

Have a good day my darlings,

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Why FanFic makes my heart happy

Okay, confession time. I love to read Fan Fiction. I mean...I LOVE FanFic. My favorite fandom is Harry Potter and I could read nothing but this for the rest of my life and not run out new material. The fans in this fandom are crazy prolific, and so, so many are insanely talented, that it wouldn't even be a hardship to give up other forms of fiction.

If you aren't familiar with the FanFic universe, let me help you out.

fan fic·tion
noun: fanfiction
  1. fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc.

Yes, that's right! We the fans spend our time taking our beloved characters and using them to create new stories. Now, the trick here is that FanFic authors are not profiting from the use of someone else's creative property. The fans write this purely for fun, for love of the characters. There have been exceptions, and those publishers should really be ashamed of themselves, but for the most part, these stories are just continuations of the books and movies and television shows that we love.

My favorite pairings are always slash, because as we all know, I love me some boy on boy lovin'. Particularly Drarry (Draco/Harry) and Snarry (Snape/Harry.) I do prefer that these stories take place after seventh year at Hogwarts, when all characters are well and proper adults. And I'm not real big on stories featuring MPreg (Male pregnancy. What? They ARE wizards, it's not so unbelievable) though I won't turn a story down if that's the only tag that bothers me.

Granted, with probably (literally) a million FanFics in just the Harry Potter Fandom, there is a lot of garbage to sift through. But when you find a gem, my God, it shines like a beacon. I have read stories by authors so talented I've wanted to invite them to work on their own work and submit it to my publisher. I've read stories that put my story telling skills to shame. There are amazing authors out there, waiting for you to discover them...and I'd like to share a few of my favorites with you here.

I legit read these at least once a year. They are so well written, so perfectly thought out and executed, they would rank in my all time favorite books. Period. Of all time. No joke. This one is Drarry and it's the boys as adults. So, so good.

This is another one that I read once a year. It's a Snarry and it is so well done I just love it.

Another Drarry fic, set with them as adults. The creativity with this one was so phenomenal, I find myself being drawn back to this one again and again.

There are of course dozens more that I count as my favorites, but the four stories above really seem to capture the essence of why Fan Fiction is so popular and so loved by so many people. When you find a good one, when the characters actions make sense in regards to both the original (canon) world, and the world the authors have created, it is such a joy.

I have a very specific set of rules that I will read HP FanFic in, so I know that I have not even scratched the surface of what all is available. But for me, I limit myself to the following filters:

Drarry or Snarry
50+k words
Completed - (Oh my God. Nothing drives me more crazy than to get 100 pages in to a story only to find out it was abandoned uncompleted three or even ten years ago. UGH!!!! Hate it. So it had better be complete. And if there is a sequel, or sequels, those had better be complete too. Or so help me...I have to move on to something else and just sit and me mad in my madness.)

And I spend my time searching those filters at the websites below: - Please donate if you can. This site is amazing and was even featured on NPR! - Also very good, but kind of strict. You won't find much erotic fiction on this site

So, that's my dirty little secret. I'd love for you to share your Recs in the comments.

Career Updates

Good morning Rebel Alliance! It's a big month for me, and for you. I've gotten the rights back to ALL of my books, and will be re-...