Let's chat about the muse shall we? Or should I say Muse. She is definitely a proper noun.

My muse can be the most wonderful little sprite you've ever met. Then again, she can be a downright bitch when she wants to be as well.

Right now I am planning a trip to northern Michigan to spend an entire weekend writing. Which I've barely done this year. So I'm pretty excited. I have a WIP that I've been writing in disjointed scenes and my plan is to pull the whole thing together and make it into a real live book.

If there is time left, I also plan to write the second book in the Grayson Family trilogy with Stiff Rain Press. That story has been rattling around in my head since I wrote Kiss Me You Animal so it would be nice to get that finished as well.

So as you can see I have a plan. A real, honest to goodness plan. Finish the untitled WIP, that will hopefully also have a title by the end of the weekend, and at least start on my sequel. So imagine my surprise and annoyance when I was stuck in traffic the other day and was slammed with a book idea so hard that I had to grab an oil change receipt out of my glove box and start scribbling madly before I lost the scene.

THIS was not the deal. I have ideas. I have more ideas than I have time to write. I was not looking for a new book begging to be written. And begging it is. It won't let me go. I know that I have to write this story. It is something that is too good, it is too perfect for me.

The even more shocking part is that it is not a Dakota Rebel book. It will be a new sort of project for me. Something shiny, new and different. That part of it is exciting. But I'm more than a little miffed that the idea comes now when I need to be immersed in erotica.

I blame my muse. She always seems to strike at inopportune times. And when my well has dried up, when I'm looking into everything to try to glean an idea for a book, the bitch is nowhere to be found. And it has been this way for as long as I can remember.

I try not to get too angry. She has given me so much material over the years that I can't really fault her too hard for giving up one more. One AMAZING idea that could completely change my career. Yes, I believe in this project that much. I really do.

I will keep you all as posted as I can about it. At the very least I will let you know how the weekend goes and advise everyone on when my current WIP will be released with Resplendence Publishing.

For now I bid you farewell.


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