My weekend away

I am writing this blog from a Big Boy in West Branch, Michigan. Also known as just "Up North." I came up here all by myself, no kids or husband to get some writing done at my in-law's cabin. It's quiet. Very quiet. Too quiet.

Last night I stepped outside to smoke and it was pitch black. I mean, ink f'ng black. You could see every star in the sky...and nothing else. I realized that my cigarette was like a beacon in the dark and if there were zombies around I would be an easy target. I freaked myself out so badly that I dropped the butt to the ground and ran, yes RAN, back into the house, flicking every lock on every door.

Yes, I am well aware how absolutely ridiculous that was. But I am alone, in the middle of nowhere, in the pitch black of northern Michigan and as an author I have a ridiculously active imagination. What the hell else was going to happen?

So now, in the zombie free light of day, I can relax and bask in the fact that I wrote a new book yesterday. Yes, it was short, stopping just shy of 14k. But I did it. For the first time this year, and in just one single day, I wrote a book! This is a huge deal for me.

It was a new idea, for a new series of books that I've submitted to Resplendence. I don't have a release date yet, obviously I just wrote it yesterday so these things take time, but I will keep you posted.

Now, I'm going to continue my mission of eating way too much food while I'm up here. I just wanted to update you all on what's been going on with me and let you know that my writer getaway did, in fact, produce writing.



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