That time I didn't go to Las Vegas

I don't know why I am so bad about keeping my blog updated. I love you guys and for some reason you want to know what I'm up to. I would vow to be better about it, but I don't want to lie to anyone.

Due to a myriad of unforeseen disasters I wasn't able to go to the TNEE book signing in Las Vegas this year. It was with a heavy heart that I had to cancel. But it was unavoidable. I would have loved to meet everyone, but alas it wasn't meant to be this time around.

Instead, Brynn Paulin and I took a mini vacation of our own. We went to the beautiful Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI. We had a great time and while it wasn't as awesome as getting to meet all of our readers, it was much more within our budgets and travel availability.

Playing Bingo like Bosses
We played Bingo and Cards Against Humanity with our husbands and it was the most fun I've had a long, long time. Laughter and drinking were in full abundance and I needed both badly. I feel completely renewed and am looking forward to finishing out the rest of this year on a good note. Even though I'm about to turn 35 in a few weeks, I am dreading it less now than I had been before. With such great friends around me, I know that I will never actually be old.


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