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Out with a whimper

Today is the last day of 2016. It was...rough. Creatively, personally, professionally...just not a great year all around for the Rebel. I had plans that never seemed to get off the ground. Books that were abandoned, or never started. It was just a difficult year.

I think the end of one year into the beginning of a new fills everyone with hope. Like "yeah, next year will be my best year." Well I'm not going to go there this time around. Because tomorrow follows today, just as today followed yesterday. There is nothing cleansing about a calendar change, not really. Our minds and hearts may tell us that it is so, but when you get down to it, every day is just another day. It's up to us how good or bad we let it become.

One of the most powerful things I read this year was just a little meme/snippet/picto thing that said "Was it really a bad day, or was it a bad five minutes that you milked all day." I mean, damn. That's almost always my truth. I have a bad …

This is not a political post, honest

So, there is a news headline that I just can't let go. Hillary Clinton is the first person to do THIS in a presidential concession speech.

Hint: She apologized

Regardless of whose 'side' you were on, regardless of who you voted for, I don't care. It is how it is and we can all only hope that the country is able to pull itself up and move forward with some fucking far, we're failing.

Not my point. Really. This isn't about the politics of the situation. This is about the apology.

Hillary Clinton was the first person to apologize in a concession speech. Not because she had, in her opinion, done anything wrong. Not because it was her fault she lost. No, she apologized BECAUSE she is a woman.

Women have an ugly habit of apologizing for things they shouldn't. For things that aren't their fault. For situations they can't control. For things they aren't actually sorry for. This is a female trait. Men don't apologize off the cuff. They d…

Thanksgiving on a Budget

The holidays sort of seem like the worst time to start a budget. The cost of everything ticks up, food, giving,'s hard to keep that shit in check.

Today, I'm going to share with you how I keep my Thanksgiving food costs under control.

We usually have about 12 people over for dinner. 8-9 adults and a few kids. I will admit, I don't have special dietary concerns to contend with. With the exception of 1 vegetarian (and I just make a small dish of stuffing without sausage for him and he eats the rest of the sides) I don't have to deal with Gluten Free, Wheat or Nut allergies or anything of that sort. Just a bunch of picky kids. So I do have a leg up there. I also get a free turkey from my day job every year. So that saves me about $10.00 off the top. But I will take into account that most of you do not have that luxury.

Tip #1 - When people offer to bring something, LET THEM. There is no Martha Stewart law that you must purchase, prepare and serve every side dis…

November 1st - The good, the bad and the painful

This time of year is always bittersweet for me. I love fall, have always adored Halloween, and generally happy dance when October shows up.

But eight years ago I lost my dad to lung cancer on November 1st, and autumn lost it's luster. I don't know if enough time could ever pass that I don't break down around this point in the calendar. I miss him so much, every day, but this day in particular is brutal.

My dad was my whole world. He supported me LONG past the time I should have been supporting myself. He was down low proud of my writing career. Telling his friends that his daughter wrote westerns. (I think he wanted to pick a genre he was sure they wouldn't ask to read, without having to share what I actually write.) Rather than being annoyed, I found it endearing. One of the million things that I think about and smile. He loved me so forcefully that I never once had to question it. And I loved him fiercely in return.

Then, one day, he was gone. It's still so painf…

Getting it together

So I will be launching my Coaching business January 1st. I'm really excited because I've learned so much over the years that I can't wait to share with people. It all really boils down to common sense, but sometimes you need someone who is on the outside to point out improvements that you may be too close to see.

Today, I'm going to touch on one of the lessons that will be drilled into my crew that will VASTLY improve your quality of life.


Debt weighs us down. Even when we don't realize what a huge pressure it puts on us, even when we don't think our debt is that bad, it is so stressful to carry that around with you every day. You sit down and write out bill after bill after bill. MasterCard. Amex. Kohls. Target. What the hell did you buy? You don't even remember. You signed up for that Target card so you could save 5% on your K-Cups. Sweet deal...except you're still paying for that box of coffee and got hit with a 30% interes…

Writing/Life Coaching

Dakota Rebel Writing/Life Coach
Are you a full time author stuck on a project? Are you a first timer, unsure how to even get started? Do you have a first draft shoved in a drawer that you have no faith in? Do you just need a push, a friend, a drill sergeant? Someone to hold you accountable for attaining your goals? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, I'd like to help.

Not only can I assist you with getting your writing back on track, but I can help you with five areas of your life that will jump start your self esteem, help you focus on what's actually important to you, and maybe even improve your overall health and happiness.

Sounds unbelievable right? Well, it's not. Using principals that I've adopted in my own life, I truly believe I can help you find more time in your day, use your time to fulfill your hopes, dreams and goals, and yes, even help you become a better author.

Starting in 2017 I will be launching my new venture, and I'd love to bring …

A girl with a plan

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So I've been talking about my year of change and my goals to improve my life. And thus far things are going really well. I've been kicking ass with my bullet journal, creating some pages that will visually show me where I am on my debt snowball. I have my habit tracker in place so I can see where I'm falling down every month. (A clear and epic winner in the fall down category is my goal to write more.)
My point is that for the first  time in a long time I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I know now what my plan is and how I'm going to get there. I'm not so stressed. I spend more time with my family. I sleep better. 
Goals are just dreams with a time limit and a dollar sign, right? Well, this girl has got some GOALS. 
I know I keep promising to share what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. Well, today is the day I start that journey with you.
Step One - STOP CHARGING. I performed plastic surgery on my wallet. I cut…

A year of change

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This year has been a complete year of change for me. My focus has shifted and I couldn't be happier with the direction I'm heading.

It started with The Miracle Morning. This book by Hal Elrod helped me change my life. By giving myself permission to focus on ME, stress I wasn't even aware I was carrying started to melt away. I began losing weight, not just because I was working out in the morning (very, very little). Yes, I had to start getting up at 4.30 am to find this time for myself, but I have a dream that is worth more than an extra hour of sleep, and at this point I don't even feel the loss any more. I have gained too much.

From Hal, I moved on to Tony Robbins. What an amazing man this is. His gravely voice is like a wake up call to my subconscious and I feel energized in a way I never thought I could be. He has taught me so much about myself, just by asking the right "why" questions. Give him a try, I don'…

Goals and Rambles

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Hey everybody,

So I'm going strong with my Bullet Journal. Learning the joys of Washi Tape! Holy cats, this stuff is cool. Once I get a few more weeks into it I think I might do a BuJo flip through so you can see what I'm so excited about. At the very least I'll get some pictures up of my spreads so you can see them.

Next year should bring some exciting news. I'm working on a new genre and will have a new pen name to announce (just so everyone can keep my Dakota books separate from my new line.) I'll have giveaways and parties and all kinds of cool stuff. So stay tuned for that!

This year, I'm mostly focused on my Touch of Gray books. I hope to have one more release with Resplendence Publishing by the end of the year. These boys are making me love writing again. I'll admit, it gets hard sometimes staying up with the demands of day job, family, and writing. And when you're working 18 hours a day, it really sucks to op…

Where have you been!?!

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Oh my! Where oh where has the time gone? I can't believe I've been neglecting this place for over a year. I mean, yeah, I'm the WORST at blogging, but this is ridiculous.

To be honest, I have been crazy busy writing books, so that's always a good thing. My Touch of Gray series seems to be a hit. Thank you all so much.

My goal, as always, is to focus more on my blog and my website. I miss hanging out with you all. I've recently started bullet journaling and I am in LOVE with the concept. There are a bajillion tutorials online, so Google around and find something that strikes your fancy, then get to planning. Personally I use this journal, these pens, and some washi tape.

It's been fabulous for keeping my goals on track and helping me organize my life. It's a hybrid of a planner and a journal but also provides a creative outlet that we authors desperately need. Seriously, get thee into bullet journaling.

Coupled with the Mi…