Goals and Rambles

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Hey everybody,

So I'm going strong with my Bullet Journal. Learning the joys of Washi Tape! Holy cats, this stuff is cool. Once I get a few more weeks into it I think I might do a BuJo flip through so you can see what I'm so excited about. At the very least I'll get some pictures up of my spreads so you can see them.

Next year should bring some exciting news. I'm working on a new genre and will have a new pen name to announce (just so everyone can keep my Dakota books separate from my new line.) I'll have giveaways and parties and all kinds of cool stuff. So stay tuned for that!

This year, I'm mostly focused on my Touch of Gray books. I hope to have one more release with Resplendence Publishing by the end of the year. These boys are making me love writing again. I'll admit, it gets hard sometimes staying up with the demands of day job, family, and writing. And when you're working 18 hours a day, it really sucks to open up a $4 royalty check. So my focus is going to be writing more, getting more options out there for everyone, and trying to reconnect with my readers, as I think that's the missing element from all of this. If I was able to speak with everyone, connect on a personal level, I think I would start to enjoy it again.

So I have to ask, what are you all up to? Do you Bullet Journal? What are your dreams? Your hopes? What kind of cheese is your favorite? Anything really. Let's just start the conversation.



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