Where have you been!?!

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Oh my! Where oh where has the time gone? I can't believe I've been neglecting this place for over a year. I mean, yeah, I'm the WORST at blogging, but this is ridiculous.

To be honest, I have been crazy busy writing books, so that's always a good thing. My Touch of Gray series seems to be a hit. Thank you all so much.

My goal, as always, is to focus more on my blog and my website. I miss hanging out with you all. I've recently started bullet journaling and I am in LOVE with the concept. There are a bajillion tutorials online, so Google around and find something that strikes your fancy, then get to planning. Personally I use this journal, these pens, and some washi tape.

It's been fabulous for keeping my goals on track and helping me organize my life. It's a hybrid of a planner and a journal but also provides a creative outlet that we authors desperately need. Seriously, get thee into bullet journaling.

Coupled with the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, it is transforming my life. For reals. I'm up at 4.30 every morning, which takes some getting used to, but now I can't imagine starting my day any other way.

If you're here looking for status on my Grayson boys, and have muddled through my journey of organization above, I can tell you that I'm currently working on the 5th book right now, and with any luck it will be out before the end of 2016. I know I had two back to back, so I apologize if waiting for the next one is killing you. But I promise, I won't keep you waiting too long.

So that has pretty much been my year. So sad in black and white. But the coming months will have some exciting things and I can't wait to share them with you.

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Have a good day my darlings


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