This is not a political post, honest

So, there is a news headline that I just can't let go. Hillary Clinton is the first person to do THIS in a presidential concession speech.

Hint: She apologized

Regardless of whose 'side' you were on, regardless of who you voted for, I don't care. It is how it is and we can all only hope that the country is able to pull itself up and move forward with some fucking far, we're failing.

Not my point. Really. This isn't about the politics of the situation. This is about the apology.

Hillary Clinton was the first person to apologize in a concession speech. Not because she had, in her opinion, done anything wrong. Not because it was her fault she lost. No, she apologized BECAUSE she is a woman.

Women have an ugly habit of apologizing for things they shouldn't. For things that aren't their fault. For situations they can't control. For things they aren't actually sorry for. This is a female trait. Men don't apologize off the cuff. They don't fail, or succeed, and then say they're sorry for it.

We do this unconsciously. It's not a plan. It's not something we intend to do half the time. We just open our mouths and vomit an apology then sit and wonder why. (By the way, I don't have the answer as to why, except that we have thousands of years of history to contend against.)

This isn't news. This is just more of the same. A woman didn't accomplish what was hoped for, and she apologized for it.

We have to find a way to break this cycle. Apologizing makes us look weak, it makes it harder to be taken seriously, and it makes ourselves crazy.

How many times have you knocked on your bosses door and started with "Hey, sorry to bother you..." No you're not. You need to speak to them. Next time, try "Hey, got a minute?" Direct, still polite, but you are not apologizing for your presence in a place where you are allowed exist.

You have to use better language. You have to have respect for yourself, your opinions and your time. You have every right to BE and be heard and valued.


That's all, just wanted to get that out.



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