Bullet Journal Joy Part 2

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Welcome back! In my last post I started to go on and on about my Bullet Journal and how amazing it is. Today I am continuing with that theme, and will share my monthly pages with you. These are the main focus of a bullet journal. Tracking tasks and appointments, birthdays, habits, digging into your goals. The stuff I shared before is the fun, fluff of the journal that makes it so great to play with. Today, I will share what makes the journal so necessary and functional for your every day life.

Quick Recap

On a day to day basis, this is all I need to use my journal. The Journal, a ruler and a pen. I prefer the Leuchtturm1917, with a Sharpie Pen (NOT MARKER), and a small metal ruler. These three items are enough to create an entire Bullet Journal. Yes, washi tape is super fun and colored pencils make everything pop, and of course stickers are just the bees knees. But none of that is necessary to make an awesome, FUNCTIONAL journal. And that is the real point of this. To create something that helps you become more productive.

Ryder Carroll invented the Bullet Journal system to be an analog planner in a digital age. I don't know if he expected his idea to flourish the way it has, but every blogger I've seen has taken his planner and run with it, reinventing it constantly to work for their needs.

If you already BuJo, or if you have looked into it with any interest, you will notice immediately that I do not do daily pages. This seems to be an anomaly in the community, but there you go. Maybe I just don't have enough going on in my life to need a section for every day. My weeklies more than cover anything I need to keep track of, so I just do a month overview and a week and call it done.

This is my month at a glance. This is actually my first time doing this sort of layout. In the past, I always drew out a calendar and filled in the traditional boxes. But I came across a layout like this on Pinterest (I apologize, but I don't know who to credit for the original post) and I fell in love with it and wanted to try it out. If I decide it doesn't work for me, I will go back to a traditional calendar spread. I'm already seeing that I may not have enough room for what I want to put on there. But we'll see. The month just started.

Here is my goal page for the month. This is where I start breaking down my large yearly goals into manageable chunks. I added quit smoking to my goals, but not to my main goal page. This is something I will have to tackle one craving at a time. I intended to start eliminating cigarette breaks throughout the day until I get to January 16th and then I am done. DONE!!! Then all of that money that I was literally setting on fire can go toward paying down my debt and saving for a vacation with my husband. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it.

This is my social media tracker. I am trying to get my name(s) in front of more people like you so I can maybe gain some traction with my book sales. So my intention is to focus more on Social Media, but to do it methodically so I'm using my time wisely and not just looking at cat videos for three hours. Again, wish me luck.

This is my habit tracker. Another one of my favorite pages when I remember to keep up with it. This month, I added a lot to it, but it's more to show myself how much I accomplish, rather than to beat myself up over missed days. At the end of the month I'll come back and share with you all of the filled in pages and see how well I did with my January plans. (I am pre-writing this so please don't think I haven't taken a shower yet this year, it's still December on this side of the computer.)

These are my weekly pages. Again, I don't have all that much going on so I don't need a lot of space. I have a day job with a set schedule so the only thing I need to keep track of is what my kids are doing on any given day. I like having two weeks visible at a time too. And I add the coming up box on the right to cover the next two weeks. it's simple and gets the job done. The small box at the bottom of each day is supposed to keep track of my writing word count. Again, I'll come back at the end of January and we'll see how I did.

This is just another fun little spread that I did to track my Instagram and Facebook Followers. Do you follow me? facebook.com/authordakotarebel and dakota.rebel on Instagram. I'd love to color in a button and/or heart for you. :)

So there it is, my new Bullet Journal layout. Again, I just want to stress that this system can be as simple or as complicated as what works for you. As long as you love it, that is all that matters. You don't need good penmanship, you don't need doodles and stickers and color. Just create something that you love, that functions how you need it to, then run with it.

If you already have a Bullet Journal or if you want to start and have questions, or if you just want to say hi, please leave a comment. I'd love to talk with you.



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