New Year - Set Goals not Resolutions

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Happy 2017 everyone. Let's just say, I'm glad to see the end of 2016. What a ballsack of a year that turned out to be. Personally and professionally, it just seemed to suck at every turn.

This year, I want to turn my focus internally, to ensure that regardless of what happens out there, in my home, we have nothing but happiness.

I know I've mentioned my Bullet Journal in the past, but this year I will really be putting that bitch through her paces. I decided to start with fresh journal, which is not required or even encouraged in the BuJo community, but I felt it was important for me. 

I am using the Leuchtturm1917 in this beautiful sunshine yellow color. I will be doing the promised full on BuJo breakdown later this week so I won't go into it too much now. For the moment, I want to focus on one of my favorite pages so far in order to get to my main point of this post...and this year. GOALS!!!!!!

I don't like 'resolutions.' I think they are silly and are from the get-go unattainable. Most resolutions are shouted drunkenly in the middle of the night on New Years Day. Slurred "I'm never gonna drink again." or "I wanna lose weight," "I'm gonna quit smoking" "I'm gonna write a book." 

Those are all really nice things. But at this stage they are practically just wishes. There is no plan behind them. No end date. No quantifying factor that will make this year any different from last year. Or the year before that.

This year I want a promise from all of you. Don't make resolutions. Don't just resolve to do something. Make goals. Make plans. Create actionable steps to achieve your goals. Above is my list of goals for this year. This part of it, yes, is just a list. But I have plans to accomplish all of these tasks by the end of the year. They are a to do list, not just a 'gee it would be nice if' list.

For example, in order to write 10 books this year, I need to average 2000 words per day, Monday through Friday, every week. That's completely doable. Yes, some days I will do more, and some days less, but overall I have a clear path to attaining this goal.

For my 5k goal, I will be starting the couch to 5k program. I have movie nights scheduled for every month with our friends, and I'm lining up babysitters to go on dates with my husband. They are goals, plans, they are executable.

This is my request of you. Think long and hard about what you want to accomplish this year. Be specific. Then write yourself a list of things you can do to get you to that goal. Break it down into bite size pieces that can be achieved so you can watch yourself move forward in real time. 

Feel free to share some of your goals in the comments. Mid-Way through the year we can all take stock of where we are and what needs to be adjusted. Love to all and Happy New Year! Let's kick this one's ass shall we?



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