Introducing Liza Jameson

A week from today, Liza Jameson's debut book, Mr. Wright, will be available from Resplendence Publishing.  This highly anticipated first novel is being called one of the sweetest, funniest books of the year by people much smarter than myself.

When Lucy Merkin was young, she didn’t crush on the usual Tiger Beat poster boys. Instead she carried around a frayed copy of Time Magazine with comedian Benjamin Wright on the cover. Already in his forties when she was in high school, she knew that her crush was unusual, but his sense of humor and dashing good looks made him irresistible to her.

As an adult, the infatuation continues. Her friend gets her tickets to see him and his comedy partner live and she’s thrilled. During the show, the partner makes a joke asking if anyone in the audience would take pity on Mr. Wright and bestow a kiss upon him. Not wanting to miss her chance, she runs to the stage and gets to lock lips with her celebrity crush. 

They begin a long distance relationship, but that is far from their biggest hurdle. Between his children’s attitudes, the press’ opinions and Lucy’s abandonment issues, the struggle to maintain their love is a difficult one.

Will some friends, some booze, and some pretty great sex be enough to ensure their happily ever after?

For more information about Ms. Jameson, check out and stay tuned for more updates on her debut and what more to expect from this breakout author. Mark your calendars for the release of Mr. Wright on February 8th, when it will be available at and as well as ibooks, nook, and other fine ebook retailers.



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