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Good morning Rebel Alliance. Today, I have fantastic news. The third book in my Vegas Bound series is available for your reading pleasure.

Todd and Chase had been a school girl’s wet dream when Pansy was in high school. Her brother’s best friends were older, handsome, and strictly off limits as far as everyone else was concerned. When they left Nevada, she was devastated, and struggled to get on with her life without them in it.

All grown up and running an art gallery on the Las Vegas strip, the last people she expects to see wander in are the men she’s fought so hard to forget. As she learns what they have been up to while they were away, she can only hope that they’re back to stay, and that they’ll help her fulfill her darkest, submissive dreams.

And, it's a total bargain at .99! What!?!  I know, right. So if you weren't sure about picking up the other books in the series, no worries. They are the same theme, but the stories themselves are not connected so you don't have to read anything in order.

If you do buy it, and you do like it or love it or just love me, be sure to leave a review on your favorite book sites (Amazon, Goodreads, the Sunday New York Times Book Review Section).

Have a good day my darlings,


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