10 AM Inspiration

Good morning my little frosted Pop-Tarts,

No? Well, worth a shot. I'll keep working on it.

I've started a new Social Media experiment, and I wanted to share it here as well, because my feedback has been so positive. Every morning, at 10am I post an inspirational quote to my followers. #10AMInspiration (Do you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? You should. I'm pretty funny...and also very modest.)

Everything around us is so negative lately, I wanted to find some images that encourage, women in particular (sorry dudes, this dance is just for the ladies). So much anger and vitriol is being spewed around the internet, the news, the radio, I just wanted to share something uplifting and fun with my followers every day. 

I think it is incredibly important, especially now, to remind ourselves how important we are, that our voices count, that we can make a change. Hell, even to remind ourselves that regardless of what happens out there, our lives are still in our own control. But if we give in to the outside forces trying to harsh our happiness, we'll never accomplish anything.

You have to love yourself, especially if you expect anyone else to be able to love you. Your friends, your family, your kids...they can all tell when our moods are in the dumps. The happier we are, the more control we take of our emotions, our actions, the better off everyone will be. I know, I sound all crunchy granola, but I'm serious. Every time I make a conscious effort to push negativity away, to embrace and empower myself to be happy, I feel better. Emotionally and even physically. 

We only get this one life, don't you want it to be the best it could possibly be? Do you want to spend more time angry than happy? Do you want to be stuck where you are, when something as simple as changing your mind could make a drastic difference? Yes, it may seem hokey. But positive thinking really can be a magic pill. Just try it. You might surprise yourself. Next time you're having a shit day: Work sucked, the house is trashed, your kids are starving and you are angry that you're just ordering pizza for dinner again. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly. Think about the BEST thing that happened to you today. Remind yourself that you had a family and a trashed home to come back to. Find a way to make cleaning up before the pizza arrives a game. Make each possible moment into something positive and I promise you, your life will start to get better.



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