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Hello Rebel Alliance,

So I've been pondering the reach of Social Media in marketing terms. For the most part, I personally tend to tune out the noise when I'm online. I don't pay much attention to ads. However, most author marketing sites will tell you that a social media presence is essential to long term success and audience reach. The problem is, I'm not completely sure how to do that.

I've recently purchased a Facebook ad, and the ranking of that book sunk like a rock in a lake on Amazon. It was as if people returned the book, rather than actually buying it. I did have comments from people confirming that they have purchased books they've seen ads for...apparently just not my book.

You all know that I freakin' adore you all. I want to converse online, I want to get to know you and share some of my life stuff back. I am not just looking to convert you all into paying customers. I legitimately want us to be friends. But I think I suck at trying to find you.

On my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I try to share a healthy mix of book updates with funny memes and helpful life tips. I share things that go on in my day to day world and I look around to see what everyone else is up to as well. But while I'm starting to get more "likes", I don't feel as if I'm connecting with anyone.




No? Okay then.

So enlighten me, oh faithful readers. What sort of things make you want to engage online? What sorts of posts make you comment, make you share your own experiences, what is it that you see when you're on the interwebs that makes you think, "Oh, I have something to say about that, too!" Those are the things I want to be able to offer you.

Please comment below, or find me out there on the web and let me know. Or, strike up a conversation about something completely random. I LOVE random.



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